Monday, October 12, 2009

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

free-bottle-of-bowtrol day-14

I Lost 28 lbs. in 14 days! I am thrilled with the free-bottle-of-Bowtrol! So many times products make promises which don't happen (I have spent a small fortune chasing their promises). So when I saw the ad on cnn about getting a free bottle of Bowtrol I thought it's worth a try. I mean really how could I go wrong. I was just hoping to shed some weight. Finally something does what it says it does. I've lost more weight than I had even hoped to and the Bowtrol has been cleaning out toxins that have been building up in my system over the years. I haven't had any of my digestion problems this last week either. I think the days of indigestion are over for me. If you have been overweight for as long as I have been then you know how good I am feeling these days! Remember, I weighed 193 lbs. two weeks ago. Today I weigh 165 lbs. Do yourself a favor and try a free-bottle-of-Bowtrol, you'll be so glad you did!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Free-Bottle-of Bowtrol Day-11

I've gone from 193 lbs. to 169 lbs. in just 11 days! I wouldn't say that trying the free -bottle -of- Bowtrol was going to be my last resort because it was'nt. I was going to keep trying because I was desperate to do something about my weight. But because I did order the free-bottle-of-Bowtrol I'm not looking anymore! Read my previous blog and you'll understand why!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

free-bottle-of-Bowtrol Day-10

It's been 10 days since I got my free-bottle-of Bowtrol. 10 days and I've lost 21 pounds! I can't believe it! When I first decided to try Bowtrol I set a weight loss goal of 10 lbs. in two weeks. After 2 or 3 days I raised my target weight loss to 20 lbs. Now look at me -I've passed that mark and I'm still losing weight with 4 more days to go! The only reason I'm calling this a diet is that I'm losing weight. Besides that - It's nothing like any other diet that I've ever tried! I'm not counting calories or excersising my butt off! I just take the Bowtrol with a glass of water in the morning and that's it. O.K. remember, I weighed 193 lbs. 11 days ago. Today I weigh 172 lbs. I don't have to get on the scale to see if I've lost any weight - I get on to see how much! Not only has the free-bottle-of-Bowtrol been taking the weight off, it has also been cleaning out toxins that been building up in my body over the years. The Bowtrol is my 1-2 punch for getting my life back!
P.S. : I won't be done losing weight when the two weeks are up, Overall I'm going to lose 60 pounds!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

free-bottle-of-bowtrol Day-8

Since I got my free-bottle-of-bowtrol I've lost 18 pounds! and gained so much energy! I'm feeling better from the weight loss and the Bowtrol out all of the toxins that have built up in my system all these years. I have have such a better overall each day now-especially in the mornings-that's when I weigh myself. I don't even have to see the scale to see if I've lost any weight,I do it to see how much I've lost! I told you yesterday that my daughter Amy broke her foot last Thursday. Well,today we have to go shopping for some comfortable sweats that she can wear over her cast. Thanks to my free-bottle-of-bowtrol I'll be shopping for a couple of better fitting outfits for myself! I'm only 2 pounds away from hitting my 2 week goal and I've still got 6 days left!

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Monday, March 23, 2009


Hi, I'm back. I haven't written in my free-bottle-of-bowtrol blog the last few days, as you have probably noticed! My 20 year old daughter, Amy, broke her foot last thursday. Her boyfriend was teaching how to ride a skateboard! You would think that I would be used to this kind of stuff (I have 3 children, Amy-my 20 year old, Danny-he's 18 years old, and Boyd is my youngest-he's 15 years old). With these three it's no wonder why I've never made time to take better care of myself! So Amy's back for a couple weeks, I'm so happy to have her home again! OK ,It's been 7 days since I got the free-bottle-of-bowtrol and am 16 POUNDS LIGHTER! I'm still not doing anything different-as far as eating or excersising. I just take the Bowtrol with a glass of water. That's it! That's my big diet plan. My kids are so proud of me-and that makes ME feel so good! I don't have to buy new clothes yet because,honestly, my clothes were too tight to begin with and now they are so much more comfortable to wear. I'll talk to you all tomorrow. I really love these progress reports ,minus the broken bones!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free Bottle of Bowtrol -Day 3

I'm thrilled with results I'm having! Three days ago I got my Free Bottle of Bowtrol and I've already lost 6 pounds. I never thought that it would be this easy! I'm already halfway past my original weight loss goal (10 pds.) for two weeks. If you have been following my story,then you know that I have raised my goal to 20 pounds-that's 10 pounds per week. I'm now on day 3 and I'm even ahead on that goal. Honestly I didn't know what to expect,I was just hoping for some kind of help. I was just so desperate. If you are bigger or heavier (alot heavier) than you want to be then you know what I mean. My desperation is turning into excitement! I can't wait until tomorrow. Ordering the Free Bottle of Bowtrol may have been my lifesaver. See you tomorrow!