Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free Bottle of Bowtrol -Day 3

I'm thrilled with results I'm having! Three days ago I got my Free Bottle of Bowtrol and I've already lost 6 pounds. I never thought that it would be this easy! I'm already halfway past my original weight loss goal (10 pds.) for two weeks. If you have been following my story,then you know that I have raised my goal to 20 pounds-that's 10 pounds per week. I'm now on day 3 and I'm even ahead on that goal. Honestly I didn't know what to expect,I was just hoping for some kind of help. I was just so desperate. If you are bigger or heavier (alot heavier) than you want to be then you know what I mean. My desperation is turning into excitement! I can't wait until tomorrow. Ordering the Free Bottle of Bowtrol may have been my lifesaver. See you tomorrow!

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