Thursday, March 26, 2009

free-bottle-of-Bowtrol Day-10

It's been 10 days since I got my free-bottle-of Bowtrol. 10 days and I've lost 21 pounds! I can't believe it! When I first decided to try Bowtrol I set a weight loss goal of 10 lbs. in two weeks. After 2 or 3 days I raised my target weight loss to 20 lbs. Now look at me -I've passed that mark and I'm still losing weight with 4 more days to go! The only reason I'm calling this a diet is that I'm losing weight. Besides that - It's nothing like any other diet that I've ever tried! I'm not counting calories or excersising my butt off! I just take the Bowtrol with a glass of water in the morning and that's it. O.K. remember, I weighed 193 lbs. 11 days ago. Today I weigh 172 lbs. I don't have to get on the scale to see if I've lost any weight - I get on to see how much! Not only has the free-bottle-of-Bowtrol been taking the weight off, it has also been cleaning out toxins that been building up in my body over the years. The Bowtrol is my 1-2 punch for getting my life back!
P.S. : I won't be done losing weight when the two weeks are up, Overall I'm going to lose 60 pounds!

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